Ever Be


Nanny had some hard days ahead of her after her surgery. While the surgery had been extremely serious, the real work was only beginning. She spent several days in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. I would visit her and squeeze her hand because she was still hooked to the machines and couldn’t talk to us. We were all so thankful that she was still alive and she kept making progress in her recovery. Eventually, she got to move to a room that was a step down from the ICU. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for people with loved ones in the ICU, as well as the nurses who work in that area.

During this time, our dear friends Logan and Megan were dealing with their own storm. They were about to welcome their baby girl into the world and we were all so excited for them. I got the call from Matthew on a November evening as he was finishing up football practice. “Pray for Megan and Logan,” he said. Megan had gone into labor just two weeks shy of her due date and delivered beautiful Edie Kate. Edie Kate didn’t have a heartbeat. We were absolutely devastated by the news.

I first met Megan and Logan at an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Camp in the summer of 2015. We had a lot in common. Matthew and Logan coach football together and are both from South Georgia. Megan and I didn’t realize it until we started talking, but we are also both from the same area in North Georgia. I enjoyed getting to know them as new friends and also as our FCA Huddle Leaders. They really seemed to have a huge heart for FCA, especially the student athletes. The thing I came to love most about Logan and Megan was their realness. They were so open and so genuine. No pretentiousness in them. They were (and are) the real deal. I instantly felt like I had known them for a long time.

When Matthew told me the tragic news that November night, I felt so sad inside. Not only did I feel sad, I felt very helpless. I felt angry. I felt confused. Why God? Why this precious couple? Why, why, why did it have to happen this way?

Some people don’t think we should ask “why.” Just accept it and move on.  But, what about the questions? I have questions. Even with the questions I have, I realize God doesn’t owe me an explanation. Still, I think it’s okay to ask.

Jesus says in Matthew 18:3 that we must become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You know, I think it’s very interesting that He said that. Do you know what children do? Have you ever been around a little kid for any amount of time? They ask questions and lots of them. Why? How come? Why does this work this way?

God in His infinite wisdom and mercy can handle our questions. It’s just that sometimes we may not be able to handle the answers to those questions this side of eternity.

On the day of Edie Kate’s memorial service, it rained. It’s like the sky was crying along with the rest of us. I went inside the church with several others. I saw my friends from a distance. Their strength was beautiful in the most broken time of their lives. I know it had to be God carrying them. Edie Kate’s memorial service was a worship service. Logan and Megan may not know this, but that day they taught me something. They taught me that a relationship with God is not based on what we can get from God. God isn’t our “genie.” Even when hard times come, and they will come to us all, God is faithful.

Around this time, the song “Ever Be” was on my playlist. The chorus says, Your praise will ever be on my lips, ever be on my lips….” How can I praise God when all of this horrible stuff is happening around me? Logan and Megan taught me that in those times that is exactly when you need to praise God the most. God is good when we are in the best days of our lives and He is equally good when we are facing tough times.

They requested donations be made to FCA in memory of Edie Kate. Several students will now be able to attend an FCA camp because of Logan, Megan, and Edie Kate. They chose and choose to see the bigger picture in the middle of their deep pain. Their example would especially minister to me just a couple of months after their sweet baby went to be with Jesus.

Thank you for your example, Megan and Logan.

If you’d like to read more of Logan and Megan’s story or make a donation in memory of Edie Kate, please click here.


You shoulder our weakness
And your strength becomes our own.

Ever Be, Bethel Music


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