A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My sweet girl,


Wow. What a year it has been. You have brought and continue to bring so much joy to our lives. Your dad and I have enjoyed watching you grow from a tiny baby to an energetic toddler. I loved watching you learn to crawl, walk, and jabber. In return, you have taught me some amazing lessons about myself, life, and about faith.

I reflect on the day you were born and how life just seemed sweeter. You were and continue to be the best baby with such a sweet personality. Everyone who meets you says, “She is the sweetest baby!” It’s true. You are pretty amazing. You have the happiest little smile and you make your dad and me laugh on a daily basis.

You have been with us through some pretty hard times already in your young life. I thank God for you, Lydia Grace. The past few months have been some of the hardest I have ever faced. Your little face is what has gotten me up out of bed in the morning. Your great-grandmother, or GiGi as you will call her, once told me, “God knows when to send the babies.” He sure sent you into our lives at the perfect time. You have been the sunshine in our lives.

While I am a little sad that your first year has flown by, I am so excited to watch you grow and learn new things. I can’t wait to watch your little personality unfold even more.

Happy first birthday, sweet girl! I love you!