Summer Reading, Part I

Every summer I used to take part in a summer reading program at our local library. I’m so thankful my parents encouraged it because I contribute it to my love of reading now. Last weekend I took LG and signed her up for the pre-k/toddler reading group. So far we are rocking right along with picture books and stories about princesses. She is enjoying placing her stickers on her reading sheet when we finish reading a book or two before bed. Our goal is to get to fifty by the end of the summer. We are well on our way.

Although I have outgrown the summer reading program (unfortunately!), there is something about the summertime that encourages slower days and it is often that I find more time for reading during these warm months. For the sake of time, I can’t read as much as I’d like to, but for the month of June I have read two books that have really spoke to me as a mother. I wanted to share my thoughts on them below.

unnamed (1)

Catherine McNiel’s Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline

This is one book that I will recommend to fellow moms for a while. I received a copy from the Tyndale Blog Network a few months back. I had every intention to read it right away but life got crazy and I put it off. I wish I hadn’t. It. Is. So. Good. McNiel just has a way with words. She is hitting the nail on the head as she explores motherhood as a spiritual discipline. I don’t always feel very spiritual as I’m mopping up spaghetti noodles or doing laundry. Still, McNiel digs deep into how God sees us in our current role as moms to young children. She also carves out sections of her book in which she highlights practices to put in action. Love it!  I highly recommend this book!

Gloria Furman’s Missional Motherhood

514JtJLE55LYes, it’s another motherhood book. I’m still reading this one as it is giving me lots to think about and is not a book I can go through quickly. She does a great job at reviewing scripture and helps moms see the power of the Gospel in everyday life. It is very heavy on the Old Testament which is why I think it is taking me longer to comb through.




I’m hoping to add to my reading list for July. I’ll be sure to post a part II!


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