Life has a funny way of knocking us on our feet sometimes. One day we are living life as usual never knowing what tomorrow could hold. We never know what’s in store. Prior to my dad’s passing, I was not looking to see the beauty in the mundane. Laundry, dishes, schedules….yada, yada, yada. It went on and on. Then my world suddenly stopped with a phone call of a diagnoses without a cure. It literally felt like it came out of nowhere. Three weeks later I was “fatherless.” Since that time a short while ago, I have thought long and hard about life and what I hope it can look like in the future. I have come to see God in a new way. I have enjoyed the small, simple moments and I don’t get upset about the things that used to make me fume. I have a different perspective because at the drop of a hat, life can change. I hope my story can inspire you to look at life through a new lens and enjoy the simple moments.


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